Tone Arm Silver Note 500 stainless steel and carbon 8.75″

Tone Arm Silver Note 500 stainless steel and carbon 8.75

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Another one of my hand built Tone Arms features Litz internal wire Silver platted oxygen free copper external wire gold  phono RCA plugs Special treated Japanese bearings Carbon Arm tube minimalist design.
This arm sounds balanced yet powerful and has plenty of detail. Easily out preforms the lower end Linn ( basik/Akito ) Rega (RB250 ) Comes with hex keys needed for setup and alignment protractor.
If you would like to audition an arm feel free to contact me.

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All arms are tested before dispatch and carefully packed



Pivot to spindle                         211mm
Mounting hole                            26mm
Weight in grams                           750g
Capacitance and Resistance     120pF   0.004ohms Per channel
Adjustable VTA
External wire Length                     1mtr

These tone arms are made by hand. If your looking for a great sounding tonearm  that is unique and easily out preforms anything in and considerably higher price bracket then this may what your looking for. If your looking for custom options feel free to contact me. 


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