Mission m2Sas Speaker [Great British Powered Active Subwoofer] – Superb Bass

Mission m2Sas Speaker [Great British Powered Active Subwoofer] - Superb Bass

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This is a superb sounding, performing and compact subwoofer and only selling due to an upgrade. It’s a sealed unit with a 100 watt RMS amplifier and high excursion bass driver. It is in good working order. I have tried many subwoofers over the years and Mission’s are one of the best, you get a lot of depth out of a very compact box in a non high gloss finish.Product descriptionStyle Name:m2Sas Subwoofer (x1)  |  Colour Name:BlackProduct DescriptionA Subwoofer is an essential piece to any stereo system and the Mission m2Sas Sub is the perfect choice. Mission m2Sas Sub range offers a complete subwoofer solution, and is ideal for improving bass performance in any home cinema or stereo system. Signal to noise ratio: -85dBEach model in the Mission m2Sas Sub range incorporates a developed long-throw bass driver and an ultra fast balance-drive Class D power amplifier engineered to create a powerful response. Meanwhile a variable crossover frequency control provides seamless integration with other speakers in the system to produce extended subsonic with total precision and clarity.Enhancing bass performance in home cinema or stereo systems, the Mission m2Sas Sub incorporates a developed 8″ long-throw bass driver and an ultra fast balance-drive Class D power amplifier manufactured to produce a powerful response. On top of this, a variable crossover frequency control offers seamless integration with other speakers in the system to provide extended subsonic with total precision and clarity. Mission m2Sas Active Subwoofer handles all the effects that accompany modern music and movie soundtracks to deliver that full cinema experience.Each subwoofer either has a down-firing or forward-firing bass unit to improve room coupling at low frequencies, dispersing the sound evenly throughout the listening area. These active subwoofers also feature adjustable crossover frequency, level control and phase switch that enables seamless integration with your choice of home cinema loudspeakers and amplifiers.Box Contains1x m2Sas – Subwoofer – BlackFrom the manufacturerMission LX SeriesAbout UsMission Electronics was founded in 1977 by Farad Azima and was immediately recognised as one of the leaders in the development of acoustic engineering through its application of new technologies to create some of the most rewarding loudspeakers in every market sector.Mission quickly became a very popular hi-fi brand and earned an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of some of the worlds finest and technologically innovative hi-fi products.The Award-Winning SeriesFor the LX Series, the speakers design has been stripped back to its fundamentals and Mission has focused on producing a range of speakers they are proud of in engineering terms.We can be even more proud in terms of the enjoyment their owners will experience.LX Series speakers are smart, practical and affordable, sporting a sharp, classic but modern look in keeping with Missions customary design focus.Above all, they communicate music with engaging energy and detail, bringing performances to life with all the vibrancy and finesse one expects of Mission speakers.Advanced Technology and Design

Advanced Driver DesignHigh frequency drive units require extremely consistent parts which, together with Missions extremely consistent manufacturing, can deliver the performance required.Given the tiny moving masses involved, one extra micro-drop of high-tech adhesive can destroy the balance of the design, thus affecting sensitivity and frequency response.For the LX Series, Mission has carefully designed a tweeter with a neodymium magnet for maximum force in a small space, together with a 25mm microfibre dome chosen for its repeat-ability and consistency in manufacture.It delivers a sweet sounding but incisive upper frequency as required.Drive Unit Positioning and IntegrationIn traditional Mission style, the stand-mount LX-1 and LX-2s tweeter is positioned below the mid/bass drive unit, in order to aid time-alignment.By placing the treble unit lower than ear level, the path length from the treble unit to the listener is longer than that of the mid/bass unit. As the treble unit dome is physically forward of the mid/bass unit cone, the difference in path length helps to equalise the acoustic distance.Similarly, the LX-3 and LX-4 floor-standers position the tweeter between the mid/bass drivers in a dappolito configuration, rather than above both drive in conventional fashion.The three-way LX-5 is optimised by the HF unit being positioned below the mid-range driver and above the bass driver.Brute StrengthWhile high performance mid/bass and treble units are the foundation of a great sounding speaker, if the cabinet is not properly reinforced it can be an unruly source of unwanted noise.Extensive research and development was carried out to ensure internal cabinet robustness, eliminating any unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations. Using a combination CAD analysis, a lot of experimentation and extensive listening tests the cabinet within each speaker has been braced at key points which means the full frequency range is clear and detailed.The diagram shows areas of bracing and its effect on the sound. Blue areas show where noise is reduced through cabinet bracing, while red areas highlight where there is sound. As you can see, the sound is emanating from the drivers and not from the cabinet, as it should be.

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