Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Classic Speaker+ Lightening Adaptor +Stand

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Classic Speaker+ Lightening Adaptor +Stand

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Classic 
Expensive when new 500 the Zeppelin is buy far the best iPod / Android speaker you can buy
Includes Remote Control
Includes stand and iPod Lightening Adaptor

A New Bluetooth Adaptor can be added whichwill allow you to connect Android devices such as Samsung Mobile Phones, AmazonAlexa, Google Home, later Apple Devices and any Bluetooth enabled device suchas Lap Top , PC etc, this connects to the rear Auxiliary and is easilyhidden. The must have addition if you stream your music. These are widely available on ebay from 10
Awesome Sound and abilities, looks amazing and is now a design icon.

Its had a health check, it has also been upgraded to the latest firmware.
Its been put through its paces and checked for sound production
This is an added bonus for you the buyer and of course peace of mind.
Needless to say this Zeppelin Classic is in amazing condition, please study the pictures to see for yourself.  Unbox your music Heres the stereo speaker systemyour iPod and iPhone have been waiting for. Zeppelinis from Bowers & Wilkins, the makers of the speakersthat much of your music was probably monitored on.Bowers & Wilkins creates technologies and systems thatworld-leading studios depend on, and that find their wayinto even its most affordable speakers. Zeppelin will fill aroom with crisp, deep, lifelike stereo sound, and deliver agreater level of musical detail from your iPod than youd thinkpossible. Thats because the two have so much in common:blissfully simple design and world-leading technologies thatlet you get the most out of your music.
Passion for music Music is important. You know it, weknow it. At Bowers & Wilkins, the quest to develop theperfect loudspeaker has lasted more than 40 years. Whatdo we mean by perfect? We mean a speaker that portraysa musical performance exactly as it was recorded, with zerocoloration. Like you, we dont just want to hear music; wewant to experience it, feel it and be a part of it. FounderJohn Bowers instilled in the company a passion to pursuehis dream of the ultimate speaker. You wouldnt believehow close weve come. And you wouldnt believe the kindof lengths well go to get even closer. Musics more thanimportant. It is everything.
The reference speaker Zeppelin is a direct descendant ofBowers & Wilkins legendary reference speaker range. The800 Series is sought-after by world-leading recording studios.At Abbey Road, for example, it has been a fixture since theearly 1980s. With that first series, we set out to develop aspeaker system with no compromises; one modelled on theideals of engineers and producers. New generations of the800 Series have maintained its reputation for near-flawlesssound. What artists play is what gets played back to them.With Zeppelin, the technologies that allow that to happencan be experienced in your own home.
The sleeker speaker Your iPod and iPhone are treasuretroves. Pristine digital copies of thousands of tracks, allwaiting to be played to their full potential. Zeppelin setsthem all free. A full stereo system in one unit, it releases allof the detail and atmosphere that standard speaker systemsmiss. Thanks to its unique floating arm and universal dockingplatform, you can play nearly any iPod, including Touch andiPhone, on Zeppelin and control it as easily as if it were in yourhand. Zeppelin itself features the bare minimum of controls,making full use of the intuitive control system that comes assecond nature to all iPod and iPhone users. Station it in aden, bedroom, kitchen, office or second home, or enjoy asimpler, more stylish replacement for your traditional audiosystem. Zeppelin rocks, wherever you are.
 Joined up sound Zeppelin is the perfect partner for youriPod or iPhone. But the possibilities dont end there. Zeppelinhas a range of input and output ports, making it simple tohook up to almost any home entertainment device. LinkZeppelin to your TV, for example, and you can dramaticallyenhance the sound of your favourite films and TV shows,or stream video from your iPod directly to the big screen.Did we mention games? Zeppelin plugs directly into yourPlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, adding a whole new dimensionto your gaming experience. Its much more than an iPodspeaker. Its the hub of your home entertainment world.
Bass for any space You can take Zeppelin almost anywhere.But not everywhere is made for listening to high-qualityhi-fi. Put a rival system in the corner of a room, for example,and you run the risk of echoing bass overwhelming the restof the sound. Not Zeppelin. Weve included a simple butingenious bass adjustment control to allow you to optimizethe sound to suit the immediate surroundings. From youriPod, you can vary Zeppelins bass level according to theamount of space around it. Not only that, but Zeppelin willcleverly remember the level you have chosen until you decideto change it. In confined spaces, its the most refined soundyoull hear.
Technology With Zeppelin, you get 40-plus years ofexperience and know-how in speaker design in a singlepackage; technologies developed for dedicated high-endspeakers applied to an iPod system for the first time. Werenot talking about a simple repackaging or downsizing ofcomponents. Zeppelin is an entirely new creation, designedaccording to principles pioneered on high-performanceBowers & Wilkins models, from the extraordinary shape ofits shell to the specially tailored studio-standard technologieswithin. 

I prefer collection but will post, if we to post we will very carefully bubble wrap the units and lay it on a bed of bubble wrap in a very strong box that we will purchase specially for the posting. We use Air Cap branded extra large bubble wrap and where we can recycled packing, we pride ourselves on our packing so that you receive your item in one piece. Please appreciate the time and extra expense involved and please mention our packing in your feed back.  Thank you for viewing. International buyers and UK Channel Islands please contact me first.Please contact me for UK Islands and International, please be aware I will post out of the UK but it will be entirely at your risk if damaged in transit or goes missing I will not be held responsible !! You will have to deal direct with the UK shipping company for any claims. Please also be aware we sell Vintage pre owned HiFi that we fully test for functionality and if not working we will clearly state, you should also expect the items to be in good condition reflect their age by having some scratches or blemishes that is par for the course. We do not sell new HiFI  but we sell great used and Vintage HiFI personally selected by us for you to enjoy. I also embrace the concept of great customer service and have great customers that have been overwhelmed by our products and service, thank you Retro-Junkie 

If you buy after clicking affiliate links on this site we might receive a commission from companies such as eBay, Amazon etc This does not affect the price you pay.
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