AKG K1000 Earspeakers – Excellent condition

AKG K1000 Earspeakers - Excellent condition

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The K1000 are a unique design that is the equivalent of wearing apair of loudspeakers on the head. The speaker capsule uses a unique, freelyvibrating multilayer diaphragm driven by a newly developed, radially magnetizedVLD (Ventilated Linear Dynamic) magnet system. Sitting in front of the ear,this dynamic transducer provides the best acoustic coverage factor. Theearphones using no acoustically hard parts, the sound is absolutely free todevelop in all its splendor. The speakers are acoustically fine tuned in acomputer-optimized process including time-energy distribution (Wignerdistribution) measurements and made with advanced manufacturing techniques. Theresult is an unobstructed plane sound field in front of the ear that provides apersonalized listening experience.More about:http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0903/akgk1000.htmThere is a fundamental musical integrity about the K1000 that setsit apart from some of its ostensibly more sophisticated rivals. It comes closerto generating a truly out of the head listening experience than most, and ithelps music breathe in a realistic way. It brings headphone listening in fromthe cold. At this price, this level of achievement is quite simply unique. Headphones (with original XLR connectors) are Serial No 10516,   including the lovely wooden presentation boxwith user manual and cable, adapted into a jack connector. You get what you seein the pictures.Headphones havebeen virtually unused and waited for this moment to provide this opportunityfor you to really enjoy the music. These are stunning open headphones that givea unique experience, you wont’ be dissapointed. It is a chance for sound gourmands  to take this one of the best headphoones inthe world K1000 today once again.More info:


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