22.2mm Acrylic Platter upgrade for Rega Planar 2, 3, 25, RP1, P1, P2, P3, RP3

22.2mm Acrylic Platter upgrade for Rega Planar 2, 3, 25, RP1, P1, P2, P3, RP3

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If using the new Rega turntables with 10mm thick standard glass platters like the new Planar 1 and 2. You must fit a 2mm shim to raise your tonearm, these are widely available on ebay.

Platter upgrade for Rega Planar 2, 3, 25 & Rega P1, P2, P3, RP1, RP3, Rega P3-24, NAD 533 and many other Rega based turntables.

The platter is machined from genuine Perspex cast Acrylic block and has a machined frosted finish. The platter is machined on all surfaces to produce a fully balanced product. Acrylic block and sheet is not level and must be fully machined to produce a precision platter. The platter is 22.2mm thick and has an 6.7mm recess machined in the reverse side so it does not effect the VTA of the turntable. This makes the platter effectively 15.5mm in height. The extra 3.5mm of depth compensates for the platter not needing a mat and it has a record label recess machined in its surface.

Mass is concentrated around the outer edge of the platter giving a flywheel effect. This greater gyroscopic efficiency creates improved pitch stability and takes load off the main bearing. This type of design is used in most high end turntables including the high end Rega’s.

Use 15.5mm as a guide to see if you need a VTA shim on your arm mounting depending on what cartridge you are using.

Diameter is 300mm with a recessed edge of 290mm so the record sits flush to the platter and you can get your records on and off easily.

If you are going to upgrade one part of your turntable then upgrade the platter with one of these. The difference is instantly noticeable and it is the best upgrade you can get for the investment.

This kit is a simple to install, straight swap for the old components. The platter weighs 1.65kg.

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